Relocation and Concierge Specialists

Indigo, Gibraltar’s relocation and concierge specialists. We pride ourselves on improving the relocation process to gibraltar and making life here easier. Our clients have found that our assistance is invaluable.


We cover a huge array of relocation services in Gibraltar and the surrounding area of Spain including:

  • orientation tours
  • property searches (both private and corporate, in Gibraltar or Spain)
  • school searches
  • shipping of possessions
  • ID cards
  • health cards
  • translations support
  • and much more, whatever the need we can help


We also provide concierge services, think of us as your emergency phone-a-friend. We can help you with household chores – helping you to find you a plumber, a cleaner or child care etc. admin needs in Gibraltar or Spain – NIE numbers opening bank accounts, obtaining health cards or changing over your driving licence.

Office Management

Another branch of our business is office management – we help all businesses but especially new and small businesses. We have a wealth of experience having all worked for large corporations and understand the needs of an office. You can pay us on an ad hoc basis, but get rewarded with the mind of a senior level office manager. Examples of how we can assist with your office needs:

  • find office premises
  • organise desks
  • order the tea bags!
  • Manage health and safety
  • Offer secretarial support

Indigo saves people time, reduces stress levels, saves money and improves work-life balance.

We are her to make your life easier!

What they say about Easy.Office

Easy.Office is a great set up, nice people and flexible to our requirements as we grow the business.

Easy Office - The Perfect Solution

Our sole purpose is to provide the best hot desk and virtual office service possible.