Temporary Office Space

With Easy.Office's unique proposition, we can lower your costs and help you settle into Gibraltar. Our temporary office space is so flexible you can book desks from as little as one day per month, ideal for businesses who make regular but short trips to Gibraltar.

Part-Time Office Space

We understand that the modern businesses need flexibility in their working arrangements. Irregular visits, longer hours and meetings (hopefully in our meeting room) mean you are away from your desk 75% of the time. With our unique contracts you can pay for the days you need.

Working Smarter and Lowering your Office Costs

The benefits of knowing you can call on Easy.Office to be there for you are immeasurable. We can have you at a desk, fully connected to the internet and a nice cup of coffee (included in the price) within 30 minutes of landing in Gibraltar.

Temporary Does Not Mean Expensive Office Space

Unlike many of our competitors, Easy.Office works on a business model which can cope with your needs. We do not try and tie you down with the overheads and admin associated with renting an office on a long term lease. Short term contracts can start at 3 months and do not go past 12 month contracts. We do not have crazy deposits (1-2 months) and we understand your requirements.

Flexible Office Usage

Apart from salesmen who frequent the office, we have many other types of business use Easy.Office:

  • Homeworkers, tired of working from home 5 days a week
  • Training Companies, visiting Gibraltar for short term training sessions
  • Remote Teams, trying to establish a foothold in Gibraltar

What Are You Waiting For?

Easy.Office is ready for you whenever you need us. Call us or email for further information or a quote. We are here to help.

Easy Office - The Perfect Solution

Our sole purpose is to provide the best virtual office service possible.