Virtual Office

A virtual office operates in the same way as a traditional office, the only exception is that you do not need to be present. We deal with all the elements of business and take the need for you to be here away. The services below are only some of the benefits to you, please visit the packages page to see a full breakdown of our services.

Mail Handling
Any post received at your business address in Gibraltar can either be held for you to collect from our offices (Mon–Fri, 9–5.30pm CET) or forwarded to you via a courier or normal postal services. In emergencies, we can scan the documents and email them to you.

We answer all of your calls as your company and transfer them to you or forward them to your voicemail. Calls are transferred to you at a standard rate. You decide how we answer the telephone calls and what line you want them to be put through to.

When faxes arrive they can either be scanned in and emailed over to you, forwarded via Fax or sent through a courier or normal postal services.

Easy Office - The Perfect Solution

Our sole purpose is to provide the best virtual office service possible.