Virtual Office – Why Choose A Gibraltar Virtual Office

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory which is located on the Iberian Peninsular. Alongside British Isles of Guernsey , Jersey and the Isle of Man, Gibraltar belongs to High Disclosure Offshore Centres. Gibraltar enjoys an excellent reputation due to a number of reasons – stable government, special status with the European Union an amazing infrastructure, a bilingual population etc.

With a thriving business community and collection of local banks Gibraltar is an ideal place to locate to. Anyone who is thinking about their options should consider Gibraltar as a base for their company. Gibraltar is currently one of the most popular jurisdictions with one of the best taxation regimes in the developed world.

At Easy.Office we have created a package that will allow you to quickly set up a virtual office from this favoured offshore jurisdiction. It’s so simple to take advantage of our service – just complete the form and you will soon have an office presence in the heart of Gibraltar.

This affords the advantages of an offshore jurisdiction; however, due to its relationship with Europe and the UK you can be confident of its stability. Create an offshore presence today with Easy.Office.

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