Easy Office FAQs

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about our virtual office services:

Can you register our company for us?

No, Easy.Office operates to provide you with world class office facilities only. We can help you with your business and point you in the right direction of course. Also, our preferred partners page includes details of the Company Formation specialists we recommend.

Do you provide Registered Office facilities?

Our preferred partners page includes details of the Company Formation specialists we recommend. We do not charge or offer Registered Office facilities.

Is there a minimum contract for the Virtual Office or Enhanced Virtual Office?

3 months. We do offer discounts to businesses who book our services for 6 or 12 months.

What happens if I need more services and I have signed a 6 month contract which doesn't cover it?

If you find you are using the office more and more and require additional hours or telephone services we can add these to your package normally within the same month. We would then issue you with an amended contract.

The services you offer are more than I need. Can I pick and choose based on my requirements?

Yes. We offer packages based on the commonly required services (office address, post scanning etc.) but we can put together packages based on PRECISELY what you want.

What additional costs am I going to incur above and beyond the monthly fee?

The service provides you with everything you need to conduct your business. We offer additonal services should you require scanning/ printing/ faxing etc. but these are available only if you require them.

What are the business hours of Easy Office?

We are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. For Enhanced Virtual Office members with a high volume desk usage we can provide keys to the office.

Do I get my own storage space?

Storage space for paperwork/ laptop etc. is available on the high volume desk usage packages. For Virtual Office users we will store letters etc. as part of their package.

OK I like your product but I don't have my business/bank account setup yet. Can you help?

Yes. We have a preferred partners section on the site whereby we list partners who can help with everything you would ever need. Get in touch with your requirements and we can help.