About Easy Office

Easy.Office has been operating in Gibraltar since 2004, having transferred our businesses from the UK where we started operations in 1999. We have over 60 years experience in office management, having managed a wide and varied number of businesses since the early 1970s.

What sets Easy.Office apart from the crowd is our personal approach to dealing with clients. We strive to make the experience you have with us a pleasureable one so you pass on the good word to other potential clients.

What we believe


We treat each and every client in the same way, whether they are a startup or an existing business. Our level of service never falters.


We try and create a package which suits the client, not ourselves. Our contracts and terms are based on you.


Having managed our own businesses successfully, we love nothing more than to help you. Have a question? Need to build your local network of contacts? We can help


  • We are happy to be involved with Easy.Office, it's the best startup cultivator in Gibraltar today.

    Chris Bruno, Just Consulting
  • We are delighted to be working with Easy.Office. Gibraltar is experiencing a high level of demand for short term and part time office space and Easy.Office provide the ideal solution.

    Paul Garner, e-Homes.gi
  • Extensive travel involved makes business easier to have an 'office' in each location. Easy.Office offers this in a professional manner and in a location that sits well with all aspects of the businesses.

    Pauline, Century Asset 21
  • Easy.Office is a great set up, nice people and flexible to our requirements as we grow the business.

    Anna Rolph, Indigo

Our Team

Andrea White

Andrea White


Easy Office Manager and point of contact.

Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald


General creative ideas and solutions.

Graham Hampson

Graham Hampson


All things business development and advice.